Forums Will be Down For a Little While [COMPLETED]

I just was made aware of a suspicious file in my last server backup by Microsoft Security Essentials. This file was hidden in the forum’s cache on the live site as well.

As such I am going to take the forums down for a while and install a clean copy.

I’ll try to keep everyone up to day here on this post and on Twitter @infiniunreal.

Update 1: I originally contacted Invision Power about it, they said it probably was a hack attempt and to use their steps for cleaning up. I took the scorched-earth method and just deleted the entire forum directory, made an entirely new database setup, and changed EVERYONE’s FTP passwords.

Nothing should have been lost since I backed up the original files and the original database is still intact.

Update 2: I think everything is back up on the forums. I might have missed some images here and there, but I’ll upload those if I find them.

Infinite Unreality + Minecraft 1.8.1



The server’s been finally updated to Minecraft Beta 1.8.1 and here’s what’s changed.

The new world has been generated (the seed is thequestofinasnity Smile ) and dubbed Twoson! Yay Earthbound references! The old world is, of course, Onett.

When you log in you’ll probably end up in Twoson first. I don’t know WHY but you probably will.

To get to the worlds you’ll need to use /mv tp or /world since there are no portals yet.

Onett is /mv tp Onett or /world onett
Twoson is /mv tp Twoson or /world world


One more important note. In Onett, your existing chests are all glitched. They’ll all probably be black, which can be fixed by plonking down a torch; they might be facing the wrong way, which is fixed by breaking and replacing them; and double chests may be glitched into a wall, again fixed by breaking and replacing part of them.

Double chests still operate normally even if they’re glitched. The part that LOOKS like it’s in the wall is still where is normally was before.

Forums will be offline for a while

IP.Board 3.2 has come out, but is still a Beta release. I’m kind of on the fence about going ahead and making the upgrade now, or to wait a little while for the final release.

Keep in mind I ‘m still thinking about archiving the old forum and launching this as a fresh start. Still haven’t quite decided yet but if I do, the old Black-Blade site is ready to be the go-to for all the old stuff like BOTP.

Why No Activity in the Forums?

Right now for me this is a GOOD thing. IP.Board 3.2 looms on the horizon and if I make ANY changes now they will end up completely lost. So rather than spend a bunch of time NOW and try to get things moving, I’d rather save myself and all you members a headache when it inevitably gets broken with the update.

I’m NOT going to lock the boards until the upgrade happens.

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