…I Rest My Case

As a followup to my post about spambots being retarded, I found that there were a few comments in my spam box on that post. This is one of them:

It really is a great along with beneficial little bit of data. I am just satisfied that you just discussed this specific valuable data with us. Remember to continue to be all of us updated this way. Appreciate sharing.

Therefore, I rest my case. Spambots ARE retarded.

Spambots Have Become Retarded

So after months of not seeing any spam on the site I get an email that a post on the forum has been reported. How that involves spam was the report was from an unregistered user, and the post reported was MY POST!

Here’s the text of the report:

There is a server clean up time and final asnudtmejts for public access made by Rift’s programmers. But you should also understand, nothings perfect, some famous MMO games has the same problem. The designers are doing the best they can to make the game convenient for players, we should give them time.

The hell, man? Not only do you use the report post feature on one of MY POSTS, it also has NOTHING to do with the post in the first place!

These spammers… 😛

Minecraft Server Host Shuts Down

Yesterday I got an email that the host for the Minecraft server was shutting down for good in a month. Great…here we go again. I will say that MineHost was great while it lasted. Hell the host we had before them, MyMCServ, was also great until they got bought out.

But I went ahead and got signed up with a new host, CubedHost, and everything transferred over. Pretty quick and painless as far as setup goes. I will have to look at what all other features they offer, as well as seeing about getting an Overviewer map again.

As for the 1.3 update: I actually had updated to a Development build of Bukkit before finding out about the shutdown, so when I set up everything on the new host I went ahead and kept it on the same development build. Also things might be of fiddly between Minecraft bugs (namely the audio lag), and Bukkit being a dev build.

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