Considering a Reboot

In the past I would come to a point in the site where I would get angsty bout NOT working on it and how much really has to be done. But I know you guys are dead set against me shutting the whole thing down, so I got to thinking about a complete reboot of the site. Just start everything over from day one.

That would mean is NO hosted sites, NO MIFF (though I might get CapCom to move it back to the MDb), and NO BOTP. All gone, preferably no special archive site. I MIGHT be open to re-buying the domain and sticking them there, but that kind of defeats the purpose.

Let me know what you think, Tweet, Email, Reply to this, or hell bitch in the Forums. Get everybody you can to respond, though I think I already know the response, hehe.

Update 4-26-11:
I have back so if ANYTHING happens with a reboot, I’ll make BB the archive for everything.

Edit: Hosted sites will stay but I won’t have anything to do with keeping them maintained

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