No I’m not turning this into a Minecraft blog.

Okay so you probably already know that I’m addicted to Minecraft. Well I was messing around with some features in it the other day and took a pretty nice screen shot.

Well I was messing about last time in WordPress putting the Christmas theme up, I noticed some options to change the background image.

Put 2 and 2 together… The Minecraft theme now is just temporary and me faffing about with WordPress features.

That is all.

I’m Back!

Finally after breaking my kneecap, multiple remodeling delays, family emergencies, numerous internet problems, and other general crap… I am finally getting set back up behind the double HD monitors.

There still some minor touchup work to do in the remodel, but everything is pretty much is being put in it’s final place (until I get bored and decide to rearrange). There’s also a possibility of dropping AT&T as our internet hook-up and going back to cable due to the fiasco we had (which we’re STILL not getting the speed we’re paying for).

I’m not quite sure when I’ll jump back into updating stuff, probably after the finishing touches of the remodel are done. But I’m now officially BACK.

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