Something Like Progress?

The new site is in the works…somewhere.

Anyhow. I’ve moved MIFF and BOTP to their new homes, even though their NEW and IMPROVED *cough* sites are still being worked on.

The forum archives, however have still yet to be moved, mostly because I’m thinking about merging the new forum, back into the old and going with it. Haven’t officially decided yet, but it’s just something I’ve tossed around a few times. vBulletin has some great things and some annoyances, phpBB does some things better than vBulletin and is less bloated but doesn’t have the same functionality as vBulletin.


Don’t to get your hopes up, but there just might be some inching toward something called progress coming here soon.

Oh, and YAY! No more Lorem Ipsum filler crap!

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