Getting OLD SCHOOL (part 2)

I updated the last post with a link to the old IFFWorld forum, but that is not the purpose of this follow up.

Looking back, a lot of the posts seem to already be included in the current Infinite Unreality forums. The thing is, a lot of the posted images are broken due to the various sites (like GeoCitties and Black-Blade) being shut down. I’m going to scrounge around and see if attachments can be pulled out and re-imported.

One sad thing part; the next backup is dated in 2007 which means I don’t have any backups from 2003 to then. I think this was around the time I moved hosts a couple times after severe data losses on them. So it looks like my great plans to restore nostalgia are going to be lost to the ether.

One thought on “Getting OLD SCHOOL (part 2)

  1. Don’t give up hope, yo. It’s possible that one of those time-machine site things might have something, or you might even have a flashdrive/CD/floppy with info on it. Y’never know, y’know?

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