Stable-ish Again?

MinecraftOkay Bukkit has finally released a recommended build for 1.4.7, YAY! Some of the plugins are still dev builds, like Essentials so they will be buggy. But more to the point is that the 1.4.6/7 features have pretty much been ironed out, namely mobs & entities through portals.

Speaking of Essentials. Homes are BROKEN. Beds don’t work, /sethome doesn’t work, You will end up at the Spawn Village is you use /home or die and respawn. For now, make a temporary warp to your home by using /setwarp <your name>home obviously replacing with your Minecraft name. An example, mine would be /setwarp kaizennekohome. These will all be removed once the bug with homes is fixed and a stable build of Essentials is out.

Custom crafting was temporarily broken by a CraftBook update, that has been mostly sorted. I messed up a couple recipes when making them, but they’re just convenience things.

I’m still seeing MAJOR memory problems server side. I’ve been trying to weed out different plugins. Nothing stands out yet.

Edit: I’ve changed out Essentials for a newer dev build that fixed the Homes issue, and I’ve reenabled custom crafting.

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