Minecraft, Bukkit, and a lot of headaches

I just read that a Bukkit RB for 1.4.5 is out and breaks loads of plugins, it also doesn’t support entities traveling though portals STILL hasn’t been implemented corrected. It’s mostly because of the changes in vanilla, Bukkit is trying to protect servers from volitility. However they are doing this by restricting calls to Minecraft and CraftBukkit code. I’m really not sure of the internals of Bukkit & CraftBukkit (no they apparantly are NOT the same), but there are a LOT of plugins that do this to extend gameplay beyond what Vanilla can do.

I tried test versions of the RB and it totally crashes the server because of the plugin restrictions. There’s also that 1.4.6 is due out in a day or so and this process starts all over. It’s furstrating as hell for me because I can’t provide a complete Minecraft experience. I hate to say this, we might need to go vanilla.

I’ll see if I can find Forge plugins that provide the same functionality that WON’T require client-side mods.

Speaking of Forge. I’ve been toying with the idea of running a Feed The Beast server or something similar. The catch is this would require the same mods installed on your end. The FTB route is the easiest since they have their own client and can push updates as needed. A custom instance would be more personalized and can provide mods not in FTB or exclude mods that don’t fit our style. The downside of this is you would need to install Forge, the mods, and update them when available.

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