Minecraft Server Host Shuts Down

Yesterday I got an email that the host for the Minecraft server was shutting down for good in a month. Great…here we go again. I will say that MineHost was great while it lasted. Hell the host we had before them, MyMCServ, was also great until they got bought out.

But I went ahead and got signed up with a new host, CubedHost, and everything transferred over. Pretty quick and painless as far as setup goes. I will have to look at what all other features they offer, as well as seeing about getting an Overviewer map again.

As for the 1.3 update: I actually had updated to a Development build of Bukkit before finding out about the shutdown, so when I set up everything on the new host I went ahead and kept it on the same development build. Also things might be of fiddly between Minecraft bugs (namely the audio lag), and Bukkit being a dev build.

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