No No No! It’s TOO DAMN BIG!

Innuendo aside. I tried to make a backup of all the sites on the IU server I found something startling. The IU Minecraft Server map…Almost 8GB!

NO! That is WAY too damn big! I won’t have such a bloated monstrosity on my site! So I’m taking it down. I don’t know IF or WHEN it will be back. If it does come back, it will not be the one we used before.

Forums Will be Down For a Little While [COMPLETED]

I just was made aware of a suspicious file in my last server backup by Microsoft Security Essentials. This file was hidden in the forum’s cache on the live site as well.

As such I am going to take the forums down for a while and install a clean copy.

I’ll try to keep everyone up to day here on this post and on Twitter @infiniunreal.

Update 1: I originally contacted Invision Power about it, they said it probably was a hack attempt and to use their steps for cleaning up. I took the scorched-earth method and just deleted the entire forum directory, made an entirely new database setup, and changed EVERYONE’s FTP passwords.

Nothing should have been lost since I backed up the original files and the original database is still intact.

Update 2: I think everything is back up on the forums. I might have missed some images here and there, but I’ll upload those if I find them.

Minecraft 1.8 Snapshots

So for the past 5 weeks we’ve been on snapshots. I don’t think the experience was TOO terrible. I think I’ll continue to use snapshots, but run a week behind just incase something game breaking happens. Probably will skip the first snapshot or two depending on stability.

Minecraft 1.7.5

Updated Minecraft to 1.7.5.

We are running a purely VANILLA server at the moment, and still waiting on a Recommended Build from Bukkit.

SkullDaisyGimp and I have talked about a modded server previously, we’ll probably talk about it again when MCPC+ (basically Bukkit + Spigot + Forge) and more mods support 1.7.4 or higher. going to this would me a ton of new stuff, but would also basically FORCE everyone in to using Forge.